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1970 BMW 2002 – Riveria Rolling Shell (Motor Swap Ready)

The Story

This is a painted bmw 2002 shell that is ready for assembly, it came to us as a part of a recent bulk acquisition so we did not do the work to the car. However, it presents very nicely. The nose has been opened up, so the car would be a great starting point for anyone looking to do a M20, S14, or M42 motor swap. It would also be a great start to a vintage race car (early 2002 body shells are much lighter than later 2002’s).

The car is impressively rust free, we have taken pictures of all the usual suspect areas on these cars. The belt line trim holes have been closed. However, we can open them back up upon request.

We did the headliner installation using NOS BMW material.

If you are interested, you are welcome/encouraged to come see the car personally.

Price: 15k

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