Coupe King

Charlie’s 2002

The Story

6/2/6 Body in primer and drying. Cleaning the trunk and engine bays prior to prep and prime. Spare tire well a bit ‘lacey’ and will need some rust repair, but otherwise ready to go. When color is picked, will disassemble the car and paint the door jambs and under the lids, the engine bay and trunk, then reassemble prior to final painting. Baikal blue, Fjord or Granada… 6/24/06 Granada it is.

Beginning to paint the door jambs and undersides of the hood and deck. 7/20/06 Prepping for final paint. Inside of lids and doors painted and engine bay and trunk. Ready for the exterior respray 7/21 7/29/06 Painted and in the sunshine. A far cry from the first pix at the top of this page.

Interior loosely placed and the carpet to be installed will be matching the samples seen on the floorboards here. Next step is to tow the car to the trim shop for the carpet and headliner install and then when it returns it will get undercoated, glassed in, and the mechanical bits will go up and in. 10/11/06 Car on the lift and being undercoated. The frames go up next after detailing and rebuild as needed. The motor will go up with the front subframe. The headline and carpet are in, and inside we are beginning to mount stereo bits and the like. 10/19/06.

A strengthened and reinforced and powdercoated front subframe is the basis here, with new rubbers and suspension parts. The motor is mounted complete with the transmission from below into the waiting engine bay. Here we see it in place. 11/10/06 Motor is in and car drives! Will be taking it to the stereo shop to do some of the alarm and radio installation as soon as the rest of the windows are installed. Final installation will follow along shortly. 11/18/06 Trim and taillights, and the remote door lock bits are in.

12/9/06 Seats are in as is stereo. Moldings going on and the trim is also nearly done. Car runs and soon will be driving and road testing as soon as the brakes are bled. Ready to tackle the AC. 1/4/06 The trunk. Finishing the details in here, license plate lights and new latch hardware. 3/25/07.

Nearing completion. Details, details. Runs well and AC is ice cold. Picking a steering wheel. Road testing. 4/26/07. Delivery date, and prepping for the ride to the local DAS dropoff terminal in Carson. Waxed and detailed for the long trip to Chattanooga. Always a bit of a bittersweet day, when a long term project goes off to it’s new owner.

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