Coupe King

The Story

This is a local project I am doing for a BMW pal. A good solid car that we will be returning to it’s original Malaga color. Even clean SoCal cars get rust, and this car exemplifies that. Once the rockers are exposed there is a substantial amount of rust.

The pix will show how the metal is repaired, then treated and protected before patches fabricated and the areas sealed. 3/19/07. Primer coated and waiting before we paint. 4/7/07. Even after all the body work we couldn’t get the rear bumper to sit correctly. It was because the bumper itself was quite jury-rigged and made permanently out of alignment after the last rear end accident.

Modifications to the bumper and bent bracketry are shown in these pix, as is an unmolested core ’73 bumper correctly mounted to the rear. This all needed doing BEFORE paintwork. We are now ready to proceed–but you’ll be needing another rear bumper, Chris.

The Gallery
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