Coupe King

JR’s CS Coupe

The Story

This is a car I have been working on for a bit now after rescuing it for long abandoned storage. Plans call for a 3.5 custom engine with Motronic in a ‘vintage’ style ala Carl Nelson, a 5 speed, and a custom interior ala Paul Cain’s 3.8CSi.

So far a lot of paint work and refurbishment from long storage, and now the rebuilt motor is back and ready to install. 3/14/07. Back from CNPR and the new Motronic FI conversion is in and lights. The floors have been covered with Dynamat for sound deadening. 5 speed OD in place and the stainless custom exhaust system is in.

Now to add the radiator and AC bits and the heater core complete, and run all the brake piping to make the car turnkey before it will go out to the trimmer. 2/08 After a bit of a hiatus we are now finishing the interior. Custom colors and textured here. All pretty nice as it comes out…

The Gallery
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