Coupe King

Mark’s Big Project

The Story

Bought sight unseen off eBay, this car will provide a tutorial on rust repair. restoreable, as the nose is sound and the pans aren’t too bad, but lots of small areas will challenge us along the road here. 2/07. Have opened the right rear rocker and repaired the infrastructure, and the left rocker is done.

Beginning the lower RFF and upper RFF at this stage, opening to analyze what lies in wait. Door was discarded on the right and a cleaner used one installed. Top will likely need complete replacement. Miles to go before we sleep here…

6/7 Stripped down for work. Nice floors and rust in the roof is not as bad as I thought, so I will fix it. Dusty but drying. This primer will protect the body til lightning strikes and we take it to the next level.

The Gallery
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