Milpitas CS

The Story

New arrival. Running but needs attention. Overall sound California ’72 3.0CS Baikal Blue sunroof/stick and AC. Years of neglect and some rust in the usual places as well as the sunroof, but very straight overall and a good future project. 4/09 Beginning to repair what needs repair. Rust through ar the RRQ is opened and found pretty solid underneath–surface rust only. Will clean that up, paint and seal, and make a patch to close it all up again.

RFF is also shown opened up and ready for descaling and paint before closure. Very sound metal here as well, so no repair to the lower layers is needed. 5/9 Sunroof grafting is a tedious job, to insure strength .

Lots of measuring, test fitting and measuring twice to cut once. Each of the posts needs be repaired in three layers with rustproofing as we go along. Extra reinforcement of the monococque–a typical CK restoration feature–is especially helpful for the final product’s final integrity. 5/16. Top in place and ready for finish body work on the posts, and to rerun the drains. Car will most likely go into storage till need for a dry sunroof ’73 body arises. 9/9 Bodywork done and ready for paint. Awaiting inspiration.

The Gallery
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