Coupe King

The Story

Always fun working with a friend on a project. What we have here is a really wonderful blue plate ’72 3.0cs in Polaris silver over blue leather. Low miles with light patina from a well-loved life on the left coast. Not every car would be “improved” with a complete subframe off bare metal restoration. Case in point with the one you see here. This project is getting what it needs…more power and improved drive-ability.

With a stoutly built M30 B35, stand-alone Megasquirt EFI, and a 5-speed conversion, this E9 is going to run like the hammers of hell, being kept cool with one of our updated AC systems of corse. The tired original engine bay is getting a full concours prep and respray. The interior is going to get a new lease on life in black leather with a fresh set of wood and under dash rehab while it’s all apart.

This is going to be one of the nicest E9’s out there when done. Process pics below of the commencement. Progression shows engine out, then degreased followed by soda blasted. Some minor rust was found in the fender channels and along the upper firewall near the drains. Never fun, but it will be cut out and patched properly with factory parts.

Engine bay came out perfect, minor rust has been fixed, and everything is getting detailed and set for the upcoming marriage of drive-line and chassis! There’s a bit more prep to do before things go together but it won’t be long…more to come.

The drive-train is now married to the chassis. These things always end up needing more once you get into the project. The complete undercarriage was undercoated and pretty much all the front and rear suspension was gone through…looks as good as it’s going to run. Lots of tricks of the trade underneath this thing.

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