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Prime tii // Process

The Story

1/16/10 Just purchased this car today, and it will be a wonderful base for a restoration. Very rare black plenum tube early tii, with the high compression 121ti head, and sunroof. Rare and desireable Polaris with blue interior. Off road since ’87 with an apparent 140K miles, and found donated to a charity auction.

Original SoCal car with blue plates. Needs everything, but very sound and straight. Numbers matched, and motor is free but not running yet. 1/23/10 SOLD and starting to disassemble and strip paint. Very solid and no evidence of damage or rust through. Going to bare metal. 2/6/10 Clean the beast! 2/13/10 Beginning the bodywork and priming.

Replacing the fenders. 3/1 Bodywork done and primer drying. A couple weeks and some dry weather and we`ll be ready to begin painting. 3/13 Motor long block nearly done. 3/27 Painted and beginning to reassemble, run the wiring looms and prepare the floor with sound deadening and rustproofing paint. 4/10. Sub assemblies.

Motor, heater box, pedal box, bumpers, brakes, suspension… 5/9. Body is color sanded and polished, and rolling. Time to add the sub assemblies and check everything out. 5/13 Attaching the trims and details. 6/5 At the trim shop to get the headliner mounted.

Afterwards will be able to seal the car up with glass and install the sunroof and dash etc… to get it driving. 9/10 Car is running and going together.

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