Silver Surfer

The Story

Finally at the point now where we can start afresh coupe project. The last couple cars we turned out are now on to new homes, and there is definitely some “CS empty nest syndrome” around the shop. Starting this one as a personal project, but it could be available as a build to suit at any point.

This car was a great starting point. The body was near perfect except for some minor rust on the floor that has been fixed. Originally Polaris silver, with no accidents or structural issues. This particular chassis has been through finish bodywork, primed, and stitch welded for strength.

The drive-train consists of an M30 B35 built on the spicier side running Megasquirt II engine management. Fast and fun, yet very street able combo of HP and torque. We are running our SS exhaust system with headers, 265 Getrag 5 speed, sports springs, Bilsteins, and big sway bars. Going with salt and pepper German carpet and set of black Scheel sports seats.

Finished pics of her in the showroom section

The Gallery
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