1974 BMW 2002 M2 project

The Story

This little project started out for a customer that wanted a proper M2. We own it now due to lack of funds to finish and loss of interest by the original owner.

The concept of an S14 into 2002 sounds like a no-brainer, and can be done fairly easily, but not well. The simple conversions using the standard M10 motor mounts leave the engine too far forward and high. The end result is not as nice as a hot-rodded standard 02 or time. To do one of these rights is a major undertaking fabrication and time wise.

On this project, we did some major work to the trans tunnel and mounts, subframe, engine mounts, and lower firewall. The end result is an S14 that is tucked into the engine bay that mates up to it’s original 265 Getrag 5 speed trans.

We made a custom intake manifold to allow us to use the time brake booster and, eventually a big brake kit. The body has been massaged a bit to work with the factory header. SS custom exhaust is made as well as new driveshaft. The body has been primed and sealed with a flat clearcoat. Engine bay has been squirted silver.

Next step is to install drivetrain and run the wheels off and see what we can break. Available as a finish to suit the project.

The Gallery
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