Coupe King

1973 BMW 3.5CS Coupe Yalie – Chamonix

The Story

Here disassembly in progress.

Car is a nice and solid ’73 US car that needs body and interior freshening and paint. Very desireable–to me anyway–Chamomix and red combo. Job also entails finding and fixing rust. Despite it’s provenance, this car has it’s share of mystery damage and rot, and we’ll be getting around to fixing it and then repainting.

Mechanically very tight and good with CNPR 3.5L and 5 speed, so those bits will all be staying put while we work around them. 3/27 Beginning to fix the floor rust and the fenders have been opened to analyze. Right side may need a fender complete and at least needs the upper reinforcing bar and a large fender patch.

Left side will need patching and sealing at the back. Also doing a bit of an experimental repair on the right and left doors, ‘windowing’ the upper rust, then repairing and then closing the window. Worked pretty well. 4/25. Getting the fender tops ready for replacement now, and beginning on the rocker panels.

Still need the RF fender bottom and need to find a patch for the left upper fender. Soon will be doing the top transplant. 5/9. Top is tacked into position and the windows still fit beautifully. Next job is to remove the windows again and finish weld the top into place, closing the inner, outer and middle sections individually.

Still have the left rocker to finish up, and then it will be time for paint. 5/13. Top is on. Just some work on the left rocker and a bit more under the car and it’s off for paint. 7/4 Painted and beginning reassembly. Seats will need minor restuffing and repair. New headliner, carpet, and wood ready to install. 7/31 Delivered. Next stop the Monterrey Historic.

The Gallery
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