Coupe King

The Story

Here is my latest project. This CSL came from Texas via Atlanta and has a very interesting history.

Astute E9’ers will spot the VIN as for a RHD CSL, which this car was originally. Conversion was done very nicely using factory parts early in it’s life, and it’s ‘soft’ life here in the south has left it very rustfree overall. A bit tattered and weathered now, I will start the complete restoration on this one as I have time for it.

Some modest rust in the rear lower rockers has already been fixed, and there is work in the lower LFF, and I may need to replace the RFF due to a few rust bubbles up high. Of course the interior and mechanicals will be done to my spec. The only question I have is color. As I have an orange CSL already, perhaps some other color than the original Inka…

The Gallery
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