Coupe King

The Story

12/26/06. Here sits quietly the straight and clean original paint ’72 2002 that will become Dave’s new car. We will be using parts from Dave’s old car–nice dry Texas car with a bent right front framerail–to make this little deuce come alive. Expect a 5 speed, 3.90 diff and AC, in addition to a nice Recaro interior. All to be finished in Verona Red. Work to start in late January.

2/2/07. Beginning the body work, in an interlude between a couple of other projects. Primer to the exterior now awaiting a bit of detailing. Will do the decklid and trunk, as well as detailing the engine bay and trunk over the next little bit between other projects.

3/15/07. Detailing the trunk with schutz prior to priming and paint.

3/27/07. Prepping the engine bay and door jambs for paint. 3/31/07. Color!

4/7/07. Color coat and clear cover the body now and are awaiting color sanding. Then the fun begins–that is to make this empty but pretty shell a running thing.

4/14/07. Doors and lids mounted and the body is color sanded and ready for the next phase. HiPo rebuilt motor and 5 speed getting ready now… 6/16 Back from the trimmers. Carpet and headliner installed. Ready to rock and roll. 6/18 Dash in and new molding set going on. Detailed pedal bucket assy, and beginning to reinstall the engine bay wiring harness.

6/21. On the lift, scrubbed the pan and undercoated everything. Let it dry and begin the reassemble from the bottom up.

7/21. Motor and trans up and in, and custom AC bracket is made to mount late compressor to tii motor. Rear seats back from the trimmer and have the new side window gaskets that we’d been out of. Now to close the car up with glass and trim and install the interior.

8/5. Motor runs…It’s alive! It’s alive!… Tii brakes in the front with new KYB’s and ST springs. Bigger swaybars ordered. Header on and awaiting thermal coat and connection to a complete stainless exhaust system next week. 9/2 Custom stainless exhaust and thermal coated header installed. Sound is mellow and powerful, just right. Now to install the heater box, AC and details. 9/26 Running. AC, radio/alarm and remote entry going in now.

12/8/07. Delivery day. Off to Houston with pilot and navigator.

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