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Silver CSi 2260130

The Story

This is a rare find, a very early CSi with the original engine and a sunroof and A/C. VIN is 2260130, making it the 130th CSi produced in late 1971 as a ’72 model. 2/2/7. Back from the trimmer with the headlining and German carpet installed. Lipstick red interior. Needs some touch up here and there and a driveline, but the flavor of the car is beginning to come out. 3/20/07. On the lift and the pan has been cleaned and sealed, and then undercoated.

Suspensions are being detailed, strengthened and some bits are being powder coated before they will be reinstalled. Now getting the motor ready for the conversion. 4/18/07. Rebuilt 3.5 Motronic motor in place with freshened 5 speed OD trans. Rear subframe in place with swing arms also. Front and rear subframes bolstered and powder coated for durability. All new suspension hardware, bushings, and rubber. New suspension control arms, custom CSi eurospec springs and new Bilsteins.

Now to the fuel injection conversion and to finish the brakes. 6/10 Detailing the engine bay a bit. Heater installed and new fan. Hood attachment hardware also . Prepping for the wood and interior finishing, tho still a few tech issues prevent completing the Motronic conversion and getting the motor lit.

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